Wednesday, October 3, 2007

NEW BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


NEW BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hmm... How long has it been?

I can't believe it's been so long since I've typed on my blog. I'll try to catch you up for the 4 months that I haven't been on, the best that I can. Over the summer, I went to Page once and we went out on the lake for 7 days (boy, was I sunburnt!). We had a great time, and I kayaked the lake 4 miles and back to the boat without sunscreen. So that didn't feel too good. Then middle school started. I really liked it the first 3 weeks, but after that it was just school. We have alot of homework now. We have about 20 problems of math, 2 science worksheets, a paper in language arts, writing in a journal every day, and 2 pages of social studies homework. It's really tough. But one of the Mondays since school has started I got to miss it because I went to an Evanescence Concert. It was Really awesome. Anyway, I'm thinking about joining Rainbow Girls. It's really cool, because Ashley is in it and I might be on Oct. 21. Anyway my birthday is in 5 days, and I can't wait to get my hotel and have a pool party and a slumber party with all of my friends. Dina - you're still welcome to come. We would love to have you there to join the party. If you can't, I understand. Niko can come too, though! Anyway, I have to go. It's about 7 pm and I still haven't started all of that homework. Anyways, leave a comment, anything just look at my page!!!!! LOL. - Kiana

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Gotta Get Away

Today's been very odd. I woke up and we're getting a new washer, and a new dryer. I walked to my friend's house to help my mom house sit, for a little while. But she had to go and clean her friend Carla's house. I'm babysitting my little sister and her friend. That's all I've written for today, but I'll write more later on today because there's still alot of time for something exciting to happen! Oh and if you want to see my Christian myspace thing, (you can pretty much be any age to sign up for this one) go to: Have an awesome day, I know it will be better than mine.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Adventures of Kiana, the House Sitter

Well, today is kind of strange because I have to house sit, my friend Ashley's house while they are gone almost 2000 miles away. But it's awesome because they have a pool table, 3 big screen tv's and almost everything you could dream of in a house, (for me anyway). I haven't written in a long time because the internet is down at my house, so it stinks. Well anyway, I won't be on for long today because I probably am leaving soon. so bye lol. I'll write tomorrow, or more later today!

Thursday, May 3, 2007


...was okay, for a normal day. Except for the fact that my little sister gets her joy for the day from annoying the heck out of me. I try to ignore it but... she does it constantly! I'm not going to stay on for long, because I'm going to watch the Persuit of HAPPYness. I got to go to a trip to see my new school, and how I have to keep track of all the schedules and everything. Well that was my part at school. It was really fun. There was what they called a mini pep rally. I got home and I learned how to make Chinese Crab Puffs. They were D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S (but not to brag of course). Well, I need to go now.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Gotta Catch Up!

Sorry, everyone! I got my computer taken away for a long, long, LONG time because I accidentally may have fried it! Anyway, I'm on my grandfather's computer right now! Guess what?! Forget that last post... I don't live in the horror house anymore. I live in my hometown once again because my mom and on of my grandmas keep getting in fights but, it's life. Well anyway, I'll see if I can find a camera and give you a touir of my new house (we're probably only going to stay in my hometown for a few months until my mom gets enough money to go to the town that she loves), but most likely not because we didn't come here with very much stuff so the camera is most likely put away in storage. We had to leave our trampoline behind because it was too big to bring here but we're going to get it back if we go to the town that my mom wants to move to. Well... Enough about all of this about moving, I'm going to tell you about a few things that have happened within the first week of living back in my hometown. I didn't go to school for about four days because my mom went camping just within the first few hours of our move, and she stayed a day later that she was supposed to! Oh well, that is all past me now (even though it makes me kind of mad when I think about it, because my mom has had a bad past for not coming home on time). Well, my dreams have kind of come true about getting my own room. My little sister only is allowed to get toys, clothes, etc. out of the kind my room. She sleeps with my mom in a double bed in a room that's next to mine. There's has been so much more that's happened within the last month that I can barely think of it. When I finally got into my new school, about 4 days later, it was raining. We had to come in or else we were going to get soaking wet. So as I was walking through the hallway, two of my friends were talking near me, while the hall monitor was watching us. And when we got into the classroom I find my name on the board for Morning Recess. I knew I wan't talking in the hallway at all, but I think it was because two of my friends near me were, and the hall monitor might have thought I was too. Anyway, there's one of my first bad days. I've always had two good friends that I stay in touch with here. One of them used to be my best friend, and now they are again, but I don't get to see them alot anymore. They have actual LIVES, that I don't have. One of them is always at softball now, and the other went on a long camping trip. It just seems like when I want them to come over for awhile, they're gone doing something. Oh well, maybe when I get a bit more situated here, I will have a life too. I'm thinking on taking dance again, but my grandma says that I've missed it for so many years that, the girls that I used to dance with are all in advanced classes, and she doesn't think that I'll be able to catch up with them, and I'll feel bad about it in the beginner's class for me. Anyway, it's either that or sports all year long, but my friends here get to do both pretty much all of the time. I was thinking of taking basketball, soccer, softball, baseball, and some other different varieties of sports. Oh gosh, almost my bedtime. Well I'm going to try to finish this post up the best that I can with all the thing that have happened in the last month and a half. I heard that my old best friend in the town that I moved from, hasn't talked for 3 days because she really misses me. I don't know if it's true or not, but I've been writing some of my classmates and that's what one of them said. Well that's all I have to say for today. I need to get to bed because I have school in the morning (ugh), so good night everyone.

Oh! I forgot that my aunt was being put on a newspaper thing for most interesting and funny blog. You can check out her blog, by going on my side bar and going under My Friends and selecting thatgirldina.

Monday, March 26, 2007

A Tour of a Messy House


This is my bedroom that I spend most of my time in because I try to get away from my little sister when she bugs me alot. I usually read in there, do my hair ( or in the bathroom, depends on which is unoccupied ), and mess around with my friends.

There isn't much to say about the bathroom except that I spend alot of my time there because my hair gets dirty alot faster than it used to because I've been playing sports alot more and getting sweaty alot more, therefore leading to greasy hair
( ick ).
Computer Room

This is where I spend some time keeping up with my friends that I don't live near to anymore. The computer room ( A.K.A. my mom's room )! It's kind of hard to keep up to date though because alot of my friends don't get on the computer every week. I haven't heard from alot of them in months.
Living Room

This is the family fun room. We spend most of our time here as a family than anywhere else. We've got alot of the latest gadgets for family fun. We've got the latest DVD player ( but not alot of DVD's ), we also have a great digital camera, and futon ( very comfortable ), and of course all of the pictures from the past of the great family memories.

Ahh... The sweet, sweet kitchen of fat and carbs ( even though I'm not really worried about that stuff yet ). What more can I tell you? This is where my famous mother cooks her delicioso homemade meals. Where can I even start to tell you what she cooks? I'll give an example: chicken alfredo, spaghetti, the world's greatest chicken nuggets, hot wings, stew ( even though it's not particularly my favorite ), and so much more. I give her cooking 5 thumbs up!


These are my two beautiful pets. The cat's name is Twix, and the dog's name is Sabrina. Twix we have had since I was 8 or 9, so yeah, a pretty long time. Sabrina we just got in this recent August. She was being abused very badly. When we were told her story, we just had to take her from her old abusive owners. When Sabrina was pregnant for one of the first times, her old owners kicked her and threw her around. Even before that, some of her owners, were young boys, who nearly broke her tail.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


While chickenbells was over with me and thatgirldina, thatgirldina and I made a shoe collage. It took us awhile though, because we had to cut out all the shoes that we thought were cute, paste them to the paper, make designs, etc. But it was all worth it. Finally we came up with the picture to the right.

Before and After of My First Eyebrow Tweezing

This is the before and after of my tweezing as you can tell. It kinda hurt, but the Oragel that my aunt ( thatgirldina ) put on it, took away most of the pain. Now I have even eyebrows that don't have the hair going all of the way down. What a relief! I think I would be too scared to do it on my own, even my mom might be afraid to do it for me! But I think I may get it down every month as I come to visit where my aunt and my grandparents live. It's kinda hard because I live 4 hours away. I'm happy that she did it because I was starting to think that soon I couldn't see anymore because my eyebrow hair would turn into a weeping willow over my eyes ( not really, but just to be funny )!


Today I spent another day with thatgirldina. While I slept in really late, I finally woke up ( ugh ), and listed to my music for about 10 minutes. I finally got out of bed, and chickenbells was there. We had a really great day today. We went to Jo Ann's fabrics and craft store and we were working on a scrap booking page while we were there. The theme was: Wishing for Things You Don't Have ( I think that you'll never intend to have ). On my page I put a yacht, a blue convertible, all the latest technology, and my favorite sunglasses ( I know I'll never get alot of these things ). Anyway, that was alot of fun. But tonight will be even better! I'll tell you why tomorrow!

Tink Strikes Again!

I was searching around for a picture with Tink strikes again, whether she was mischevious or fighting. But sadly this is the only one I found. I don't know what the other fairy's name is, but they're in rivalry.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

More About ME!

Most people tell me that I am special. I am mostly like other teens my age! I am worried about; what other people think of what I look like, who has the best thing in the family, keeping up to date on all of the latest gadgets ( cells, laptops, thing to keep in touch with each other, etc. ), and so much more!
What do I look like? Even though you can really tell what I already look like, I will give you a short description just because I am in the mood for typing. I have dark brown hair and eyes, and I usually wear my hair back ( depends whether it's dirty or not ), but I really wish I was born with dark, dark, red hair ( I just like the way it looks, I don't know why I like the way it looks so please don't ask then I'll have to waste another moment of my life on the reader of this post! No, I'm just kidding! ).
Personality? I am a naturally born trickster, I am the perfect fake crier for the job! I am very sensetive to what people say about me ( so please don't leave negative comments ), unless they are a natural born kidder/trickster also.
What interests me? Get ready to drown. I love to play games on the computer for a little bit every other day, but sports are my thing. I love soccer, swimming, basketball, softball, baseball, hockey, and alot of other sports! I love to hike around alot, because I live in an area where it is perfect go hiking alot.
Random facts about me? How much info do you need? I tend to forget my homework every now and then, but I always have great friends who can make me a copy of it or give me the questions I need to answer ( No, I do NOT cheat ). I am double jointed so on some occasions you may see me twist my body in unusual ways or bend my fingers all the way to the side, while they are curled.

Hockey Game

This was last night's hockey game. It was pretty cool, even though it's not the big leagues. We were down by 2 but then in the 2nd and 3rd period we caught up and won 8 to 4. Most of the goals that the opponents got while I was gone to go get snacks, so I must have been bad luck. Oh well, at least we still won! That night was " White Out " Night. The team gave out free white T - Shirts, and alot of people were wearing white so it was pretty cool. After awhile we started doing the wave.